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ISO 27001 Internal Auditor

Trainer - LRQA Trainer

Price- 450 £ (Equivalent to GEL)

Duration- 18 Hours

You need this course if ...

  • you need to perform internal audits of your Information Security Management (ISMS)

  • you are an experienced Auditor extending your role into information security

  • you are an Information Security Practitioner looking for audit training.

You will learn ...

  • an overview of the structure and content of ISO/IEC 27001

  • the contribution internal ISMS audits can make to the effectiveness of your management system

  • how to establish an effective internal audit system which conforms with ISO/IEC 27001

  • the roles and responsibilities of an internal ISMS auditor

  • how to plan your audits by developing effective checklists

  • how to verify that current practice in your organisation conforms with defined requirements

  • that auditing for conformity can improve the stability and robustness of management systems

  • to gather objective evidence through observation, interviewing and sampling of documentation

  • to report findings accurately

  • what corrective action is and who is responsible for taking action

  • how to follow up and verify the effectiveness of corrective action taken

You will need …

  • to be familiar with the types of data held by your organisation and the methods used to store and process this data

  • a basic understanding of management system frameworks

  • ideally to have taken our ISO 27001 Appreciation and Interpretation course.

The Course delivered reflects the new ISO 27001 standard.

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