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Lloyd's Register (UK)

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Training - "ISO 45001 Auditor/ Lead Auditor" (CQI | IRCA)

28 October - 1 November, 2019. Tbilisi, hotel Radisson Blu Iveria.

LR Training -   ISO 45001:2018 Auditor/ Lead auditor (CQI | IRCA).

Registration ends:   4 October, 2019

Training Language:   English

Level:    Professional
Course indicative duration:   40 hours (5 days)

Course feature


Welcome to the "OH&S Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor training" course designed by LR Academy (UK).

We have designed the course to give you the knowledge and skills to perform audits of management systems against ISO 45001:2018 effectively and with confidence.


The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third-party audits of occupational health and safety management systems against ISO 45001, in accordance with ISO 19011:2018 and ISO/IEC 17021, as applicable.
All references in this document to ISO standards are to the current versions unless otherwise

Course hours

  • Typically, face to face delivery involves nine hours of delivery each day for days 1 to 4, with a half day including the exam on day 5. Please refer to the course programme for start time and anticipated end time each day.

  • 100% attendance is required.

  • We will also ask you to complete evening work each day, which will take approximately 1 hour.

Delegate assessment

Delegates who successfully complete this CQI and IRCA Certified ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor (OHSMS) Training course (within the five years prior to making an application to become a certificated auditor) will satisfy the training requirements for initial certification as an IRCA OHSMS auditor.

What is the pre-course work for?


We have designed a 30 pages "Pre-course note" to help you for understanding the basics of ISO 45001, some specific terms and occupational health & safety management principles and concepts.

ATTENTION: - Basic knowledge of OH&S issues and the requirements of the current version of ISO 45001 before starting the course is prerequisite.

If you complete this pre-course work, you will gain an essential knowledge, which you will use and build on during the course. It may also help you identify gaps in your knowledge of OH&S issues, which you should seek to fill through your own personal development before the course.

You will get a “Pre-course note” 2 weeks early before the training. We are giving you this information in advance so we can make the course practical and activity-based. This will help you to learn and make the course enjoyable.

This pack is part of your course notes.

How long will it take?

Plan on taking approximately 0,5 day in total to complete "Pre-course note".

What happens if I do not complete the Pre-course?

  • You will have missed a valuable opportunity to start building your knowledge.

  • You will almost certainly find it difficult to participate in some of the course exercises and you will need to complete it in your own time in addition to your evening work.

  • You may well reduce your chance of successfully completing the course.

  • The examination is closed book. You are not allowed to refer to any notes during the examination, but you are allowed to refer to an unmarked copy of ISO 45001 standard.



The number of delegates are limited - max 10 delegates.

Registration ends: 4 October, 2019

Training cost: 1590€ (including V.A.T, payable in Gel).

Terms of payment: you can pay 50% not later on 4th of October 2019. Rest 50% should be paid before starting the training (28 October 2019).

Cost includes:

  • Training;

  • Pre-course notes (hard copy);

  • Copy of ISO 45001:2018 standard;

  • Binder of Delegate notes, including slides, case studies, practical exercises and handouts (hard copy);

  • International Certificate of ISO 45001 Lead Auditor, issued by "Lloyd's Register".

  • 5 days service by "Radisson Blu Iveria" (Coffee break, lunch)

For more details please call us on

Mob.: +995 593 118113

or mail us:

For the participation, you nee ONLINE REGISTRATION .

delegates will be selected base on the application received.​


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